VOS: The right tool for the job!

The tools range of JW VOS BV is noteworthy for its completeness and diversity. We supply virtually all machining tools used in the wood and plastics industry, most of it directly from our stock!

In case of technical questions, our sales department provides extensive information and expert advice. All tools surpass the latest safety and noise standards (NEN-EN 847-1 and NEN-EN 847-2.)


CMT Orange Tools

TWT Rekord



Cutter heads

The right milling tool for every application – ranging from simple cutter heads to complex milling tool sets, and with brazed or insert carbide knives.

Saw blades

HW and DP circular saws with diameters ranging from 80 to 1,500 mm. For cutting wood, laminated or composite panels, plastics and non-ferrous metals.


Industrial drills

HS, HW and DP drills for wood, plastics and composite panels.

Router bits

The most extensive selection of carbide-tipped router bits with the familiar orange coating, made by CMT.


Planer and jointer knives

HW and HS knives for both conventional and quick-change systems (such as Centrofix, Centrolock, Tersa and Variplan).

Reversible / exchangable knives

Tungsten carbide knives for CMT, TWT-Rekord and RGNtools cutter heads and router bits, but also for systems by other brands, such as Karat, Leitz, Oertli, Omas, Oppold etc.


Mortise chains

RGNtools chains and accessories for stationary and portable chain mortisers.


Oscillating chisels

HS and HW chisels for horizontal and vertical oscillating mortisers.

CNC gereedschappen

CNC router cutters & chucks

A complete range of tools and accessories for CNC routers and machining centres.


Diamond tools

High-quality PKD diamond tools by CMT and RGNtools for industrial applications.


Bandsaw blades

Bandsaw blades for wood, plastics and metals, shortened and welded by VOS to fit the specifications of your machine.


Jig and sabre saw blades

HSS, Bi-Metal and HSS saw blades for working wood, plastics and composite materials, aluminum, metal and even brick.


Hole saws

The professional CMT hole saws are perfect for construction work: they are specifically designed for optimal performance and maximum durability in all materials and applications.



Various accessories and power tools by CMT, to simplify the manufacturing process.