VOS Sharpening Service: sharpening at the cutting edge

Grinding your industrial machining tools

Thanks to the computerized machines in our modern, well-equipped grinding department, every tool is sharpened in an extremely accurate and very efficient manner. Of course, the process is intensively monitored for quality, while the efficient process ensures surprisingly low fees.


Couriers drive a weekly delivery & pick up service through the mid-west Netherlands. The tools you give to the courier will be sharpened and returned to you within 5 working days.

You can, of course, also bring and pick up your tools at your own discretion: normal sharpening takes two workdays. In case of emergencies, use our special 24-hour service.


Circular saw sharpening

J.W. VOS B.V. has invested in two computer-controlled Walter machines for grinding of carbide circular saws. On these machines your valuable tools are sharpened within an accuracy of 0.005 mm. The technical details of your saws are stored in the computer’s memory, guaranteeing a constant quality.