VOS machines, our turn-key approach

J.W. VOS B.V. supplies professional, industrial woodworking and plastic-working machines for virtually all applications:

  • In every price range;
  • From relatively simple machines to complex turnkey solutions;
  • Conventional or automated;
  • New or used.


After making your purchase, the technicians of VOS will install your machines. This includes connecting them to the extraction and/or compressed air systems. VOS can also supply these systems.

This is the turn-key approach of VOS; after delivery and instruction, all that remains is to simply to turn on the machine and use it. Easy, isn't it?

If your budget does not allow for a new machine, a reconditioned second-hand machine might be the right solution for you.

Our assortment

VOS isn't tied to one brand of machines. Our assorment includes, among many others, machines and accessories from these brands:

Scm Machines

SCM Group

From routers and spindle moulders to large CNC machining centres, edge banders, band saws, surfacing-thicknessing planers, circle saws and many more.
Leadermac industrial planers


High-capacity planers, jointed 4-side moulders and grinding machines.
Bottene automatic cross-cut saws


Computer-controlled cross-cut saws to speed up production and minimize waste.
Vostar dust extraction systems


Medium to high-capacity dust extraction and air filtration systems.
CNC-STEP Cnc machines


Compact CNC machines and larger machining centers from the German brand CNC-Step. Flexibility and ease of use in a compact package, with a compact price.

Weima schredders & briquette presses


Turn your waste into profit by shredding and pressing briquettes of it. The industrial machines of the German company of Weima have you covered for both processes.

TigerStop positioning systems


Positioning systems for cross­cut saws and other applic­ations. The product range spans light­weight mobile systems to complete automatic cross­cut saws.


Circular saw machines of different types and sizes. High quality machines for reasonable prices, made in Holland.