Machine maintenance & repair

VOS: Expert repair and maintenance service

Of course, J.W. VOS B.V. remains a supplier you can build on after you purchased your machinery. Experienced technicians are available to perform maintenance or repairs, day and night, or even during the weekend if necessary!

Preventative maintenance avoids unpleasant surprises and loss of production capacity. When you sign a maintenance contract with J.W. Vos BV, our technicians will periodically clean and lubricate your machines. Defective parts are repaired or replaced immediately. The life span of your machinery will be prolonged and unwanted calamities are prevented.



Onderhoud aan machines

Appraising used woodworking machines

J.W. VOS BV is certified to appraise used woodworking machines.

Since October 1998, as one of the first Dutch machine suppliers, J.W. VOS B.V. is authorized by Keuringsbureau Stichting Hout to appraise and upgrade used woodworking machines, and certify them when they comply to the European Directives for Working Equipment.

After the modification and upgrade, the client receives a certificate by J.W. VOS B.V. stating that the machine complies with the machinery directive BRL M/02. This serves as proof for government agencies, insurance companies and employees that they are working with machines that are in compliance with the current safety requirements.


Safety inspections of electric power tools

The Dutch Arbo (Working Conditions Act) defines general requirements for electrical safety, which are recorded in the NEN 3140 standard. A lot of trouble can be prevented by adequate safety precautions. One of these precautions is to inspect your power tool periodically according to NEN 3140.

Unsoundness as a risk factor is thus virtually eliminated, reducing downtime and the risk of incidents significantly. You additionally meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Act.


What electrical equipment is inspected and how often?

 J.W. VOS B.V. executes the NEN3140 inspections for you on all electric hand tools, portable power tools, hand lamps and portable cables suited for 230V. This periodic NEN3140 safety inspection must be executed at least once a year and after any repair. New, CE-marked equipment doesn’t need to be inspected until one year after purchase.


What does the NEN3140 safety inspection consist of?

  1. Visual inspection:
    The equipment will be visually inspected for any defects such as damaged power lines, damage to the housing / casing and controls, and the male / female connectors, according to the correct class I or II.

  2. Control by measurement:
    The equipment is tested with modern FLUKE measuring equipment according to appropriate protocols. We test the resistance of the protective conductor, insulation resistance as well as leakage currents through the earth wire or through touch.

  3. Registration:
    Approved equipment is equipped with a special sticker of approvement displaying the next inspection dates. In addition, a test certificate is provided so you can demonstrate that your company's safety when using electrical equipment is guaranteed.

The tests can be performed either at your location or in our well equipped workshop.


Het keuren van houtbewerkingsmachines

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